Cooking Classes

Have you ever wanted to learn some basic knife skills, how different seasonings work together or best ways to cut potatoes, onions, etc.

Red Star Catering offers in-home fundamental knife skills and cooking classes.  You can either have a private lesson with just you and the chef; or invite a few friends and everyone enjoys learning new cooking skills together.

The class will include some form of appetizer or finger food that you or your group actually prepares after learning some basic skills in a few hours time.  The class has a minimum charge of $250 plus the purchase of food for the group; classes usually are 3-4 hours in length.

Kids cooking lessons are also available! They will be taught basic kitchen safety and cooking techniques.  They will also prepare their own small snack by the end of the class.  The class is for kids 8-14 and groups are limited to 8 guests maximum.  Call to schedule your child’s lesson today!

How to start the process? Give us a call and set up a free consultation to discuss menu options and service arrangements.  We will help you decide which selections match or pair up better, different service set-ups like family style, plated service or self serve buffet style.  Red Star Catering is the most convenient way to handle all those dinner party, group gathering food arrangements and there is no required work from you!